Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sheltie Time

I have been absent for some time. Mostly this is because I have been VERY under the weather, due to the plague-like flu that swept the Northern Hemisphere. Finally after five weeks I feel I am starting to come beack to life.

I celebrated my FIVE Month Anniversary yesterday. What did I do? I had my work colleague take pics of me in the parking lot to show off my hair. This obsessive behavior is not helping me as I can't tell the true rate of growth in my hair. The Silver Sisters say I am growing very fast but it seems to have slowed to a lull in my opinion.

I went home and was snuggling with my Sheltie, commenting on what a pretty dog she was when I realised- oh my! I have the same hair as my dog! I have this white collar, auburn base, and black accents (the back undercarriage of my hair is black- when have I EVER had black hair??!!). See for yourself:

 There are worse things that can happen then to look like your Sheltie dog but I have to admit I will be happy to start looking like someone found more along the homosapien route.

Okay, so let's get on with how this is affecting my love life. It's not. If you want to know the honest truth, I thought the tri-tone effect would impact every area of my life. It doesn't. Men don't seem to notice and when they do, they look for growth progress. Other than the Silver Sisters, they are my biggest fans.

I have just as many likes (this is on the Match site) on my going grey pics as I have on my monotone hair pics. I know that Anne Kreamer did this experiment with her grey hair on Match. She had transitioned and had two profiles: one with grey hair and one as a photoshopped brunette (just photoshopping the hair). There was no difference, in fact she seemed to have more hits on the silver profile. But I wondered how that would apply to dating life when you're in the middle of transitioning.

I honestly think it's about your confidence. If I want to feel confident going out, I generally pull my hair back into a ponytail. There's still the crazy color  but pulled back there's this initial bright silver. I think it's stunning and I love to show it off. Do men care? Doubt it. It think I just radiate more confidence and that projects out. I've gone out the past few weekends with friends and no one at the bars seems to even notice. Sometimes my hair is down, sometimes it's up. I think they think I'm doing something intentional. Maybe I should just say from now on this is a very new look- the Sheltie look, and stars are paying big money to get this look. Hey, if Kelly Osbourne can rock lilac hair, I can rock the Sheltie.

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  1. You got it Rocking girlfriend!!!