Monday, February 11, 2013

No More Baristas

I have to make a correction on my earlier post. There HAS been a change in the men I attract. I noticed that as time goes on in the greying schedule, I no longer attract the amount of baristas as my former dyed hair. That means that children (of whom I am twice their age) in an under-employed status no longer want to date me.

This does not make me sad but more that it's an awareness of how much I really own my age. I'm not sure if I posted the real reason I decided to go grey. First, color would only last two freakin' weeks before I had to cover the roots; second, I have gone from 40% grey to 80% in a matter of two years; and third, I had a moment of clarity that I was coloring to hide my age.

One could quickly draw on the fact that if I'm trying to look twenty-something, I would actually like to attract twenty-somethings. Not so much, and I was giving the Universe mixed messages. So now that I am proudly a 38-year-old Silver Sister, I would like to attract age-appropriate playmates. I don't want the guy who goes to a kegger and shares an apartment with ten of his closest mates; in essence no amateur drunks need apply. And that's exactly what I'm NOT attracting- yay!

Now, a friend recommended some cover up for my grey to get me through the hard times. Considering I have about 3" of growth, have I not already gotten through the hard times?? I'm not sure I would want to risk it, what if it stained and I had to start all over, thus ADDING five MORE months??!! Eek, I shudder just thinking about it.

Along that note, I highly recommend the ponytail when going out and wanting to look remotely attractive. As a woman who is 5'2" (remember the scene from Rudy: "you're five foot nothin', a hundred and nothin'...), there will be few people so short that they won't see the top of my head, which looks like this:

I'm sure no guy is going to reflect on what a lovely, healthy pink scalp I have or how my hair resembles a twinkly pixie on top. Maybe some will, but they're probably not going to go for me. Therefore the ponytail just announces the silver and no one is thinking, "Psst, should we tell that girl that her roots are starting to show?" A ponytail stops those comments from occurring. I have a couple of events I'll be going to this week and I'll be sporting said pony. I'll report later on that.


  1. I'm loving your blog. I like seeing your progress. I started going gray at 16. I'm 36 now and the last time I colored my hair was October. It's nice to see someone close to my age going through the grow out process. A couple or major differences are that I don't have the beautiful full white you have and I'm married with a teenager so I felt that there was really nobody left to impress so I think it's great that you are being yourself in your dating. Good luck and keep up the inspiring posts!

  2. Kelly, you're a rockstar and you made my whole month with that!! I'm sure your grey is absolutely beautiful and perfectly suited for you. I think that whether we are married or single we still have the same need to feel beautiful and good about ourselves. I think it's fantastic to have another silver sister my age. Thanks again, Kelly, it's so nice to hear!!