Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bad Hair Day

Remember those days of yore where you would be awoken by birds chirping, toss your hair, and barely run a brush through it to make it look perfect? Yes, that's because that reality only exists in our wildest fantasies. Still, I convince myself that I had those days regularly before I stopped coloring and when I'm having a bad skunky day.

When you have a skunk stripe and the snotty kid at CVS (who, by the way, won't sell a much needed Claritin because their system is down) looks at your ID and starts to say, "Is this you? It's your... oh... never mind then..." as she stares at your hair. Well, that puts one in a foul mood. I should have been snotty back (not a far stretch since my head was about to implode from congestion) and forced her to finish the snide comment.

Alas, this is my personal growth in 2013- dismal.

I began to get a little desperate knowing that I was all-out skunking it for a minimal of 12 months more. Since I cut off a lot of hair, I calculated the length and how much time it would take to grow out my hair. With average growth, we're looking at 1/2" a month. Mine seemed to have a growth spurt when I didn't want my roots to show and now it seems to have stopped growing altogether. Yes, I see no difference in length from month 3 to month 4.

I went online and asked Diane and the Silver Sisters what Roux-Fanciful rinse I could use that would turn my orangutan- colored hair a lovely silver. Silver Lining did nothing. Lightening my hair with calcium, baking soda, professional hair color removers- NOTHING budged my stubborn color. I took some of the suggestions and tried Black Rage from Roux. Nothing. True Steel. Nothing.

The fact that I spent the last week in sunny Florida where there is no lack of silver sisters only added to my jealousy that my roots have dug in their heels, and decided to not grow out. I stared at all the lovely silver locks and wished mine stood out. Since I am not a sun worshipper, having long ago acquiesced to my cave-creature white skin, I would feel like a knock-out with the silver hair. I would have stood apart from the deeply bronzed silver sisters of Florida.

But then another new day comes, and I see my roots (still not growing!) and there is spun silver, and sparkling pewter and I realized that this could be the best gift that God ever gave me- my own silver, and one that has a mixture of unique colors just for me. It's not January 2014 (my hopeful graduation date), but it's a start.

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