Saturday, December 8, 2012

Not a Ginger Anymore

I am a 38-year-old woman, fairly successful in my career, and quite transient (because of said career). I have been a ginger my whole life and also very proud of the fact that I was on the endangered species list, being that gingers will be extinct within 100 years. So why would I let my grey come out??                                                                                                           

Really it came about in a flash, but let me build the backup story a bit. I was getting ready for a fantastic trip to Scotland with my sister. I went to a highly rated salon and wanted to come out looking like Julianne Moore. But the stylist's "interpretation" had me coming out with blackish roots ombred into cherry-ish ends. Awful. No, wait, AWFUL. 3 hours later I left the salon and wanted to bury my head.

Now I hate conflict as much as the next person but I went back to the salon the next day to have it fixed. Another three hours later and I came out with chocolate brown hair. No!

I then went to ANOTHER salon, spent another $100 (did I mention the first place cost me $200??), and they gave me exactly what I wanted. So I went to Scotland, had a fabulous time, and two weeks later there are bright, gleaming silver stripes all over my head. Yes, 9 hours in a salon and $300 later, my color lasted two whole weeks.

But I had no intention at the time to stop coloring my hair. I was in a frenzy on a Sunday night wondering where I could get some root touch up (since Frederik Fekkai had just discontinued my 6R copper), and I had a sudden epiphany- why am I panicking over this? It wasn't because I was pristine about my appearance, it was because I didn't want anyone to know I had grey hair and that I wasn't really *gasp* 24.

Who was I kidding anyway, but I've held onto this belief that youth = better. That was the breakthrough when I decided to stop the hair dye madness and explore going grey.

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