Monday, February 2, 2015

New 'Do

It's been a minute since I had a haircut... six months, to be exact. I went in, sheepishly hiding under my hat and awaiting the wrath of a new stylist lecturing me on the importance of haircuts every six weeks. Enter Yorda, a Senior Stylist at PR Partners in Shirlington.

Now I'm going to stop for a minute and reiterate how difficult it is to find a good stylist, especially if you're a silver sister. Stylists seem too often to shame people into thinking they need hair dye. Even the subtlest of raised and exasperated eyebrows, the sighs of "what are we going to do with THIS hair," or the half-assed effort spent on you. You'd think I was exaggerating but it's still too common for stylists to think that since you own your grey you have somehow given up on yourself and require the bare minimum from them.


So when I DO find a great stylist, I want to pass that information on. I would like to say that Yorda was great- she loved my color on me, listened to my goals of growing my hair out, and gave me a cut to get me where I was aiming. She gave an awesome consultation, asking what I liked about different photos and really explained what she was going to do and why. Awesome! And she did this all while commenting on how healthy my hair was. Double Bonus!

I think the comfort started at the get-go when there was a detailed form I had to fill out. This has my goals, whether I wanted to talk about hair color, etc. It's a standard form they collect on everyone and I felt free to list that I liked my color, had no intention of dyeing it. I could also put in my allergy with hairspray and my desire to not use curling irons/flat irons (still not trusting after the one burned and yellowed that section of my hair). That was helpful as I didn't feel critical or high-maintenance, but still felt like I had a voice in my hair.

And voila! I don't feel like I lost any length but she thinned out the bottom and took that bulky weight out. It feels so much healthier and I love it. I also noticed that it lightened my hair. Apparently I am greying at a rapid pace and every cut shows lighter and lighter hair. I now have an ombre going down my hair that is purely natural. At this rate, I'll be white in 5 years! I'm not sure that this is normal, but it's kind of cool all the same.


  1. It's gorgeous! A million stylists around the world could take a lesson from Yorda and her salon. What a great idea!

  2. Ciao Jill, your hair looks beautiful and it's great to hear that you've found such a thoughtful stylist. Like you, I avoid flat irons for fear of yellowing and I find hairspray makes my hair look dirty very quickly. La naturale is the best!

  3. Beautiful! I think a lot of stylists could learn from yours. I have been trying out different stylists lately, and find that most won't outwardly SAY "Dye your hair" after I've told them I will not, but I do consistently get the passive-agressive nonsense you mention above.

    Sigh. I'll keep looking...

  4. Thank you, Puppy and Karen!! I hate going to a new salon specifically for that passive-aggressive tone. What's worse is I don't know how to address it- do I call them out on it and risk a bad haircut?? Usually I just don't return. I'm sure there are sisters out there that have a great rebuttal for those stylists but I'm unfortunately not one of them.

    Jenny, I flat iron my hair once or twice a week but I put it at a low heat setting. Salons tend to max the heat. I think the key was I didn't do this every day; I usually give my hair a break at least 3 days a week.

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