Sunday, May 18, 2014

Starting Fresh

This past week has been a whirlwind: packing, movers, cleaning and handing back the keys to my craptastic apartment, relocating to the DC area, and closing on a home. Whew! A lot to be sure. 

I'm currently typing this on my smart phone and sitting on my stairs as I have no internet and furniture until next week. Michelle has explored every inch of the parquet floors and chooses a sentinel position in front of the back door. Apparently this is the best lookout for the enemy squirrel. 

I think how different this place is from my old place in North Carolina. The apartment was made of papier-mâché and I would have an endless stream of noise from the stomping up the stairs to the neighbors blasting their music at all hours. 

This place in VA brings a whole new set of noises: hundreds upon hundreds of birds cacophoning and the weird bark of squirrels. Kids playing at games in the courtyard (and not sitting in front of a tv all day!!) and the stream of friendly neighbors coming in to introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood. 

Welcome to my own bit of heaven. 


  1. Congratulations on your big move! Sounds as though you've made great decisions with your home AND your hair.

  2. Thanks Jenny! I feel that this is the right place and the right time for me to be here. That's what keeps me grounded through the hiccups of moving.