Thursday, May 1, 2014

Frizzy Friday

In my quest to avoid the hard stuff during my move to Washington DC (i.e. sorting, donating, purging, cleaning, etc.) I have decided to post more than usual. In fact, I'm trying to procrastinate through this post just so I won't have to go through closets and I can watch old episodes of Monarch of the Glen.

Today I am writing about the annoyance of frizzy hair. I currently live in a swamp- Southern heat followed by heavy humidity. Yes you get dewy skin but the hair suffers. I really don't know how I survived it last year with short hair. In a couple of weeks I will be moving to DC- slightly less heat (very slightly) with an impending thunderstorm every night. Sigh. I hate Summer. Although my hair is not as frizzy as it once was, it is finer hair now so there is a frizzitude or shall we call it, frizz tendency? Here is a picture of what this humidity is doing to my hair. Ugh.

Okay I need help and fast. This is what happens to hair (that was just FLAT IRONED this morning!!!!) when one lives in humid cesspools of air that you must swim through. Anyhoo... what in the world should I do with my hair?!

I am at a point where I have no particular style. You can see on the right side of my hair that there are bangs that are growing out (my fault, I got scissor happy). You can also (kind of) tell that my hair is not completely devoid of leftover dye. I have up to 3 inches in the back but since it's in the back, I don't care too much.

Now, should I get a trim and let the bangs catch up? Or should I bite down on the leather strap and wait it out a bit, depending on the pony tail as my default hair style? Bear in mind that I have a wedding to attend in a month and I'd like to be able to dance and have a great time, not worrying that my hair looks like a giant q-tip.

So in my utter shock that there are people that read my blog, I am calling on you to advise me on my current hair situation. Post suggested hair styles, comments, suggestions- I need them.


  1. I say get a trim and let your bangs grow out! Anyhow, your hair looks good wavy as well!

  2. Is it humid there all year? Well, I hope this suggestion doesn’t come too late, Jill. But see this very helpful article here on what you can do with your frizzy hair. Maybe you should also delve on a regular hot oil treatment.

  3. Thanks, I'll check that link out!