Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Color Lift Part Deux

There's a lot to this color lift so I'm going to spend a little more time on this. As I went into the bathroom to re-examine my grey in yet another light, I noticed that there were a few areas where there was red hair about an inch from the roots. The roots had more white. Oh no! I thought that the color lift had deposited some dye on my virgin hair. Damn! Seven months of grow out for nothing.

Not completely unlike me to jump to conclusions, I called Aveda up. The manager had me come in that afternoon so she could get a closer look. She said that there were a few spots where the red was further down but that it was my natural hair color. Apparently, all the greying has had me grey even more and there are spots that are getting lighter and lighter. I'm constantly going lighter. What the--? Does this mean that when I graduate from hair dye, I won't really graduate?? She further explained that hair color shows up differently and there was no hair color on my grey. I know my hairdresser took special care and she was so careful that this is why I have that darker stripe at my demarcation line. So whew! I am glad that the process was a total success!

This process of color lifting is not for the faint of heart. The chemicals contain a lot of peroxide so for all of you with ppd allergies, I'm afraid this might not be a good bet for you. The color doesn't rinse out but the peroxide formula penetrates the hair shaft and breaks up the color, sort of eating through the color. As I said in a previous post, one application of organic coconut oil and my hair was restored.

Even though it sounds like a harsh process, I look at the before and after of my hair and it's sooo much easier now. I really am not conscious of it when I go outside. I realise that writing a blog about your hair makes you a wee bit more obsessed with it than the Average Joe but it is making this transition even easier. I feel like I'm really starting to see what my color will look like when I'm all done.


  1. I have received several questions of whether you can strip the color yourself with at-home kits like Color Oops! I used one of these kits fairly early in the process and it didn't budge the color. I have had no success with at-home kits so I was skeptical that the salon version would make any impact. However, for $10 I figured it was worth a shot. So if you're going to decide between an at-home kit or a salon, let the professionals do it.

  2. Upon further learning (my learning curve on this is straight up), I have since found out that the color stripping did displace some of the color on my roots. It gave it accidental lowlights, shall we say. Anyway, make note of this and do the process earlier rather than later. I now have elongated my grow out time and pushed back my graduation date. I still have no regrets about doing this but would like to keep anyone else from being surprised at the results if they choose to do this.